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We help you envision the future, identify breakthrough opportunities and design products and services that catapult you ahead of the competition.

Over $10 Billion

In Revenue

Generated by products conceived and designed

by Greg Hinzmann

This is the era of the next big thing. If you don’t have one, aren’t working on one or can’t imagine what your next big thing could be, you should talk to us. Here are a few principles to get you started.

Principle #1

Big things arise from vision and focus.

Your Next Big Thing won't come from incremental thinking. It won't arise from a focus on your competition. You have to have broad vision and look out beyond the horizon to what needs to happen next. You can't simply focus on revenue or market share. You have to be ideal-focused.

Principle #2

Big things are driven by insights and inspiration.

It takes deep insight into users to uncover key unmet needs to drive your next big thing. And inspiration requires exploration and discovery. Either of these can drive your next big thing. Combine the two and you’re twice as likely to knock it out of the park.

Principle #3

Creating big things requires the right mindset.

Big things don’t arise from business as usual. You have to embrace change. In order to create a big thing you have to raise the bar and get out of your comfort zone. You can’t settle. You can’t make excuses. You have to pursue excellence. 

Owl Health

Creating the next big thing in Behavioral Health.

Owl Comp.png


Creating the next big thing in knee replacement surgery.


Creating the next big thing in casino management.



Creating the next big thing in putters.

Layer 0.png


A big thing that lasts over a decade.

Celling Biosciences

Creating the next big thing in PRP therapy.

celling_191114_open vert.61.png


Making a splash with a new K-12 digital whiteboard.


University Medical

A vision for the next big things in wrinkle treatment.



Revitalizing InFocus' big thing.

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